The benefits of hiring beginners. 


Companies typically look for people with years of experience. And well, it goes without saying that onboarding an experienced candidate is (hopefully) easier – and require less effort – than taking on someone green. However, finding those experienced people is really hard. And what’s even more difficult is to find people with experience who also match all those other requirements such as good communication skills, critical thinking, motivation etc. Hiring juniors, makes finding people with the right personal traits much easier, as the pool is much larger. Besides, beginners can bring a lot of value to an organisation when given the right opportunity. Sure, they may take time and effort in the beginning but if you take good care of them, they could be the best investment you will ever make.

Here are 7 reasons why hiring beginners is a great idea:

1. New entrants into a field and organisation will bring in new ideas, perspectives and competencies – stuff you’ll need to stay competitive.

2. Beginners will be 110% motivated to learn all the new things, which in these fast-changing times is what really matters.

3. They are typically more loyal and appreciate that you were the one who gave them the opportunity to a new career, which means they are more likely to stay longer and grow with you.

4. Beginners are free of bad organizational habits and present an opportunity to seed the right practices.

5. They can offload work from more senior members in their team, allowing your experts to focus on the expert things.

6. They are not afraid to take risks and try new things unlike seniors that might have more incentive to protect their reputation and play it safe.

7. And last but not least – it’s good for you to mentor. As someone who is more experienced in a field, being a mentor can help you stay fresh, bring out innovation and help spread your corporate memory around instead of staying in your head all the time.

Now, who’s ready to rethink their recruitment strategy?

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