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At The Upskill Company we aim to solve skills shortages within IT and tech. We can help you grow your business with new coworkers or transform internal competence with our upskill and reskill programs. Learn more about our solutions for your business needs.

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Upgrade – When there is a need to grow a business with new coworkers we start the selection process to find the right candidates based on overall skill set and motivation. An accelerated learning program, tailor-made for the specific role and client needs, is the second part. After the education, the candidates are hired by us and start their consultancy period with our client. After a year the client has the option to offer employment.

Update – Take good care of the ones you already have – skilled and curious people are highly sought after and companies need to adjust if they aim to be the place where these kinds of people want to work. Companies need to take responsibility for providing a learning culture where people can thrive. We can help you when there is a need to transform internal competence.

No need for previous merits.
High demands for competence.

The Upskill Company provides a new way of working with skills supply. We look for potential instead of merits because we know that the future is unknown. By testing problem-solving abilities together with personal traits and motivation we can identify the ones most suited for a certain role or challenge, no matter their background. Our accelerated learning program, tailor-made for the specific role and client needs, makes prior expertise become secondary.

The most skilled
still have plenty to learn.

We are certain that lifelong learning is of the utmost importance. Not just on an individual basis, but for organizations and corporations as a whole.

Our projects are designed not only to bridge a skills gap but to equip our participants with the tools and mindset they need to keep learning – for life.

Investing in human capital
always pays off.

Our offer for skills supply can be used both for new and existing employees. If you want to know more, we’re happy to hear from you.

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