Can you really learn a whole new role in just 12 weeks?


This is always the first thing people ask. And it is indeed a very good question. So, let us try to explain.

We provide 12-week accelerated learning programs, that can, and need to, differ from traditional education, as we place high demands on our candidates, have very specific goals to work towards and a very limited time frame to work with. All our programs are tailor-made for the clients specific need for a certain role, and we use scientifically proven ways to learn faster and better retain information.

When choosing training partners – we always work with experts in their fields, not necessarily trained facilitators. This is because we want to give our candidates the tools to be able to do hands-on work, not to become theorists. And if we compare how many practical coding hours are included in a more traditional training vs. ours, it’s a vanishingly small amount that we actually fit into our 12 weeks.

And yes, our programs are a fast way for people to change careers. But that doesn’t mean they’re easy, which is why being a part of an Upskill Company project is not for everyone. We put a lot of effort into finding the right people with the right kind of abilities. By testing problem-solving skills together with personal traits and motivation we can identify the ones most suited for a certain role or challenge.

Sure, you have to think long-term when doing something like this. People won’t be experts after only 12 weeks of training, but they will be ready to take on simpler tasks and to offload work from more senior members in their team. Then the idea is for them to keep learning more and more. And to see what our upskillers have been able to learn in just twelve weeks, is usually a real kick in the butt for those who already work there – a food for thought – what new things have they learned in the past year?

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