7 career tips for every junior.


Starting out as a junior comes with its unique joys and challenges. Your team does not expect you to perform like a senior, but they do expect you to be in a peak state, on your toes and willing to learn.

Here’s how to kickstart your new career in the best way possible:

1. Be visible – work from the office as much as possible. Working from home could be convenient, but not always the best way to get involved! And make sure to always keep your camera on during meetings, showing your face keeps you attentive and helps your team remember your presence.

2. Take action – take responsibility for adding value to your work. Be smart, prepared, do tasks on time and always meet deadlines. Make sure you understand what your team expect from you, and plan how to follow up any progress and finalized work with your team lead. Be proactive and ask for support and provide and ask for feedback – it will be the only way for you to improve.

3. Learn the way of working – companies take their values seriously. How you think, act and collaborate always has to be in line with their values and ethics. Make sure to be aware and bring it into your way of working.

4. Network – go to online/in-person events such as AW:s, breakfasts etc. Make sure to have a meeting with everyone on your team within the first two weeks. Ask your teammates questions like what is their role, what their day-to-day look like, what kind of challenges the team is currently facing, and their expectations of you.

5. Build your own brand – market yourself, your skills, your contributions and your development. Make sure everyone on your team knows what you are working on, what you have learned so far, where your focus is right now etc.

6. Share your thoughts and ideas. Yes you’re a junior, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take up some space. You have a lot of exciting knowledge, personality, skills, experiences and potential that will for sure add value to your team. Share and you will soon be indispensable.

7. Stay humble – working is about being a valuable asset to your team and contributing to the common goals. Sometimes work is fun, sometimes it’s just work that has to be done. Show that you are unpretentious and willing to work regardless of the tasks. And keep in mind that the value of doing a certain task may not be evident to you, but it will be to others.

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